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Cheer & Dance Education

General Incorporated Association

announcement of establishment

Being developed from activities which cheer and support the others, cheerleading and dance has elements to nurture healthy development of young people in the aspect of leadership, communication, contribution spirit towards teams, schools and the society, together with acquiring proper manners as a member of the society.

In recent years, ever since dance became compulsory in elementary and junior high school curriculum, there has been a tremendous growth in the number of Junior and Senior cheerleading and dance club teams as well as school related teams, and the sport became very popular among wide range of people from pre-school age to senior ages as life-long activities, and thus we are witnessing the overall growth of cheerleading and dance population in Japan.  We have been operating as United Spirit Association (USA-Japan) for 30 years now, as the population of the sport grew and there is more diversity in participating teams, there is need for promoting organizations with more of a public nature, utility and higher reputation in the society. Under these circumstances, we decided to establish “Cheer & Dance Education”, general incorporated Association, and continue to promote the sport under a non-profit organization.
We will continue to work in cooperation with the world leading cheerleading company, Varsity in the USA, and offer various educational programs through clinics and competitions. We will fully harness the methods and contents fostered through Varsity’s long history and experience to further develop cheerleading industry in Japan.
Varsity has successfully dispelled the great concerns once grew in the US regarding the safety of cheerleading as a competing sport by introducing the instructional safety standards focusing on the safety and well beings of the athletes which embedded in the US cheerleading industry today. We will commit ourselves to health and well beings of all the people who participate and build a strong foundation for the athletes to compete in the sport more safely in cooperation with Varsity.

Also, we will proactively send teams to overseas competitions such as All Star Competitions, and implement clinics and conferences inviting staff from the US to offer opportunities for athletes to foster international minds through various experiences in both hard and soft aspects.
Cheer & Dance Education will move forward together with all cheerleaders and dancers, recognizing the value and possibilities of the cheer activities and competing games, always putting athletes first, safety first, and promote the meaning, role and positive effect of the sport in the society, as a cheerleading and dance promoting organization of a further public nature with utility and confidence in the society.

Cheer & Dance Education
Representative Director: Takako Hashiba

will move forward together with all cheerleaders and dancers, recognizing the value and
possibilities of the cheer activities and competing games


We cheer cheerleaders and dancers!

in cooperation with the world leading cheerleading company, Varsity Spirit in the US,
will contribute to promote and develop cheerleading and dance in japan from both hard and soft aspects


Introduce and spread global standard and safety standard in Japan

Introduce cheerleading and dance as life-long sport


  • Introduce basic and spirit of the sport thoroughly by constantly implementing clinics, camps, competitions
  • Offer updated global safety program and latest skills and technics
  • Offer instructional program to nurture leadership and teamwork
  • Connect closely with the US and other countries to offer global environment to athletes
  • Enhance possibility and value of cheerleaders and dancers within both cheer activities and competition games
Name of the organization Cheer & Dance Education
(General incorporated Association)
Address 2-6-8 Hitotsubashi, No.3 Tommy Bldg.3F
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0003, Japan
Telephone Tel : 03-5216-5596
Fax : 03-5216-5546
E-Mail Address info@cheer-edu.org
Representative Director Takako Hashiba
Date of foundation November 15th 2018
Bank of account Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Kanda branch

International Division

  • referral to overseas competitions
  • introducing overseas camps
  • organizing clinics and events with staff from overseas 

Domestic Division

  • promoting the sport domestically
  • holding domestic competitions
  • implementing domestic camps/clinics
  • fostering instructors/advisers/coaches
Promoting organization of Cheerleading/dance
as a Competing sport

Instructors certifications etc..